Is it Time to Purge?!

I was looking for a file in my bottom desk drawer the other day and was shocked to find files from 2004 that I have never touched since I filed them away.

What was I thinking?  That someday I would need them? 

Since that particular desk drawer was stuffed and overflowing, I decided it’s about time to do the purge thingy—so here’s some things that I did to de-clutter my space.

Set up a date and time in your calendar.  Decide if you’d like to set up a chunk of time (like 2 hours) or if you’d rather clean out one drawer/space in your office at a time. 

Make three piles.  One for things you want to save.  One for things you want to give away.  One for things you need to discard.

Things you want to save.  Let’s say you have a file folder filled with thank you notes from past clients and real estate agents.  Scan and place them into a doc folder.  Then move them over to the discard pile.

Things you want to save, part two.  Do you have a corner in your office where all your “stuff” is piled?  After placing everything in three piles, consider adding shelving/hooks to help you be more organized.

Does it have sentimental value?  Try to limit your favorite things that you cannot, absolutely, no-way, want to part with—ever.  However, if you are keeping some items that no longer have the same meaning to you, take a picture of it, then give it away or discard it. 

When was the last time you cleaned out your desk or office space?