Is it Hard for You to Make a Decision?

Okay, so you decide to go shopping for a new car.  But how do you decide which one to choose?

Maybe one has better gas mileage.  One is a color that matches most of your outfits. Diesel versus a gas engine.  But you might be saying to yourself, “I need a car that makes me look awesome AND has good gas mileage AND the most features.”

Well, you look at each car, determine the important features that you like, what you are willing to live without, and then you decide, right?

But when it comes to decisions about your business, I find that most people fail to ask some important questions.

When I hold my strategy sessions with women in the mortgage industry, what I usually find is that they are STUCK because they want to do everything—all at the same time—because everything is equally important.

Like, I need to meet more Realtors AND I need to get my Facebook page going AND I need to keep in touch with my past clients AND I want to regularly attend open houses AND I want to start marketing to builders.  Oh, and by the way, I need to hire an assistant AND set up a database.

To help you get past the idea that you have to do everything all at the same time, here’s a little exercise to get you unstuck:

  1. Write down EVERYTHING that you are working on now.
  2. Next review EACH project or strategy and figure out which ones would have the biggest impact if you concentrated on implementing them now.
  3. Choose three of them.
  4. With each one, ask yourself these questions:
    1. How big of impact will this actually make?
    2. What are the steps I need to take to make it happen?
    3. Can I afford it?
    4. How much time will it take before I see a return on the investment of my time and money?
    5. How will I test it beforehand?
    6. What will I gain by implementing the strategy?
    7. What could I lose by implementing the strategy?
    8. Determine which one to start with first (kind of like when you go thru the process of buying a car) by drilling down to the pros and cons.

You’ll often find that what you thought was REALLY important will not have the impact you thought it would, and the one you thought was not that inspiring has more potential.

But you won’t know—until you know!

Is there anything you would add to the decision-making process?