How to Manage Success!

I’m taking a wild guess here, but I think that most of you struggled when you first became a loan officer.

But those of you who have been in for some time now have experienced some level—if not extraordinary levels—of making more money than you ever made before.

There are a ton of articles out there regarding how to manage failure—but managing success is just as important—even more so.

  1. Celebrate your success. Even if it’s a little celebration, each celebration will build the momentum for more success.
  2. Be smart with the extra money. Before you do anything, take 10% from each paycheck and invest it.  Then, pay off credit cards first.
  3. Balance your business life and personal life. Now that you have some extra cash, determine who you can hire to help you have an awesome personal life.  Hire a cleaning person.  Lawn maintenance person.  Order healthy meals online.  A successful LIFE is not about business.
  4. Don’t become complacent. Reflect on what has made you successful. Take time to learn what worked—and do more of it.
  5. Share your success lessons with others. I’ll bet that someone helped you…so pay it forward and help the women who are just getting started in the business. Share your knowledge and wisdom.
  6. Watch out for saboteurs. There will be people in your life who are not happy about your success because they feel threatened or jealous.  Pay attention to the signs and remove them from your life.

What else would you add to this list?