How To Get People “Virtually Talking” About You

9 Ways to Connect When You Blog, Facebook and Email

  1. Pictures – Our phones take awesome pictures these days. Start taking pictures and posting them. If the picture is interesting to you, it will be interesting to someone else. Pictures of other people, places, things, current events, or even from the web (make sure they are not copyrighted). From the news. Comment on why you like the picture or what significance it has. 
  2. Fill in the blanks — Write a short sentence and ask them to “fill in the blank”…”The book that I’m reading right now is_______.” “The latest movie is_____.”
  3. Ask Questions — This is huge because people always want to give their opinion. The question should be short and sweet, requiring a 1- to 5-word answer. To keep the conversation going, ask more questions within the post or blog.
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