Lessons Learned: Hiring Strategies to Assimilate Millennials into Your Mortgage Business

What do you say to a group of young men when they ask you, "Why would anyone our age want to enter mortgage banking?”

If you are like some of my successful mortgage banking friends who are highly jaded 25+ years into their career, you would probably advise other career options. Yet, if we really believed this business was so bad, could we have had the opportunities that many of us had? Is it too late for their generation to see the benefits of what has mostly been a fantastic career for many of us?

Well, I suppose this is one of those half-full or half-empty questions. So like any astute salesperson, I refrained from answering their question and asked, “Why are you asking?”

Apparently, their brief familiarity with our industry, and the fact that most successful Americans are either in Real Estate, Technology or Financial Services, prompted the question of what it would be like and whether or not it would be a potential career fit.

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