How the Mortgage Industry can Assist Our Military

Class Length: 30-minutes
Featured Presenter: Karen Deis interviews Louise Thaxton (Fairway Independent Mortgage Corp.)

Louise Thaxton started out as a one-woman band – making it her passion to helping military families.

Her American Warrior Initiative (non-profit) has given away 27 mortgage-free homes. Provided money for veterans to start businesses. Money for guide dogs. Paid for veteran families to rent apartments until they get back on their feet again.

However, as an industry, I believe WE CAN DO MORE to help our military veterans. Individually. As a group. As a company. Within your community.

Louise has allowed us to pick her brain on how everyone can help this segment of the population who provide us our freedoms, but are largely forgotten when they return from serving.

Here’s what’s covered in this class:

  • How you can get involved in helping military in your community.
  • The issues facing returning military today.
  • How to find veterans who need your help.
  • Non-profit companies to contribute to.
  • How to get your Realtors®/Title Reps involved.

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