Have the Right Thoughts in 2023

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You have heard of the law of attraction, affirmations, and visualization. These all center around the idea of the power of our thoughts. There really is some science behind these ideas. How you think influences how you feel which in turn affects how you act. Your thoughts are a foundation to changing your reality. 

An international seller was a book by Norman Vincent Peale who wrote, The Power of Positive Thinking. It was an international bestseller. The basic premise is choosing to think positively is one of the main keys to a successful and happy life. Other research has shown that positive self-talk helps to reduce anxiety. 

Turn your negative thoughts into positive thinking. Instead of saying “this is really bad” say “things are going to get better.” Find a way to laugh at yourself. When you find humor in a difficult situation you can ease the stress and tension. Laughter will also help with creativity and in turn a possible solution.

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