Habits of Highly Successful People

Girlfriends, change to your daily habits can transform your business and your life. Here are habits of highly successful people. What habits can you implement or adjust in your daily routine?

Successful people get up early. They get up 3 hours before their workday begins. They do this to tackle personal goals, including exercising and planning their day. This allows you to get the top things you need done at work. Early risers sleep longer hours, as they usually go to bed earlier, so they are less tired after waking up. Early risers have better general health and are more energized. Statistics show early risers are more successful, better organized, and more disciplined.

Successful people not only get up 3 hours before their workday begins but most don’t use an alarm clock. They have set their internal clock to go to sleep early enough so they can wake up naturally. They avoid that groggy feeling when you get jerked awake by your alarm clock and continue through the day half-asleep. If you are woken up by an alarm clock while in a deep sleep, this grogginess can last for several hours, hurting your decision-making abilities.  Waking naturally means your grogginess will last only fifteen minutes. Train your body and brain to wake naturally and earlier.

Studies have shown morning people are more proactive. By starting your day with peace and quiet with no car noises or kids will give you peace of mind throughout the day. Make sure you are using that alone time for positive activities, like exercise, a healthy breakfast, or meditation. Finish that time to plan your priorities for the day. The sense of this accomplishment can set the productive theme for the day.

Successful people are organized. They spend Sunday preparing for the week in general, then daily they spend time writing their to-do list for the next day prioritizing the most important items first. Successful people have a distinct routine for their entire 24 hours by scheduling all their required tasks based on priorities. They stick to their routine every day.

Successful people read and read a lot. They devote 30 minutes each day to reading. Most of the books they read are self-help books, biographies, and history. Occasionally they read a novel or two or when they are truly reading for just pleasure like on a vacation. Your brain is a muscle, so you need to use it or lose it.  If you enjoy reading novels, then start your morning reading for learning and end your day with reading for pleasure.

People who read are better informed in general and have a deeper understanding of the world around them and of their industry. They are eager to expand their mind and area of expertise and strive to learn something new each day.

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