Are you feeling like it is all work and no play?

You are your own client.

Girlfriends, are you feeling like it is all work and no play? 

If you have that feeling it is time to take a break for yourself.  You are not going to be on top of your game if you feel annoyed when someone calls you after hours or for the 100th time. 

You are Your Own Client

Remember, your clients want you 24/7 however you cannot be available 24/7. 

Although, you can let them think you are.  Block time out for yourself and leave a voicemail or automatic text that says, you are with a client. That client happens to be you, but they do not need to know that.  

You know it is time for that break when your client calls and you look at the phone and think, “Oh no, I do not want to talk to her.” Or you take the call, and she asks you the same question again and instead of answering nicely or saying that is a great question, your voice sounds annoyed, or you say something like we already talked about that.  

Maybe you are in the middle of something that you really can not interrupt.  However, you answer the phone anyway because you are “always available” and again you are not the most professional in your response.

Here are some great strategies for taking a break…

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