Janna Fox – Credit Report Strategies

Janna Fox, COE co-founded ReScoreYourLife.com with  Paige White –  providing credit repair, credit rescoring and budget advice.  Janna has been in the credit repair industry since 2011, resulting in helping over 40,000 clients improve their credit and buying power.  After years of working for someone else, Paige along with Janna wanted to take their knowledge and passion to the next level by educating clients through the typical credit repair process but also to add onto the education aspect to create a stronger financial education platform. All work is completed in-house, not outsourced. Unlike other credit companies, ReScore doesn’t charge a monthly fee and goes directly to the collection companies that require validation as well as sending letters to bureaus to speed up the process. ReScore offers personal coaching on how to improve your credit through educational, online content.

Janna is a single mother who had to reestablish her financial well-being, credit, and life after a divorce she has a deep passion for helping others.  She understands the struggles and hardships that come along with having little to no credit.  Outside of work, Janna is busy raising her 5 children (2 daughters and 3 sons); is a huge music, wine and coffee fan; collects quotes; owns too many shoes to count and enjoys reading and writing.