Easy Ways to Connect with Realtors – Part 1

As many of you know, when you join the DIVA sisterhood of Mortgage Girlfriends, I make sure to schedule a “diva conference call” to see if there is anything I (or the expert coaches) can do to help you increase your business and your income.

One of the questions I get over and over again is, How do I get more business from real estate agents?”

Well, you’ll find a ton of articles and classes on the website, but I’d like to share three of them that have been used successfully (and I mean proven by women who walk their talk) and are easy for you to duplicate and use in your corner of the lending world.

Creating a Realtor E-mail List: This is ridiculously easy!  Pick up real estate magazines, where agents list their email addresses.  Visit realty company websites where you’ll also find emails.  To comply with the ICANN Spam Act, provide a link or a statement that gives them the opportunity to opt out.  Sure, some people will, but those that don’t—well, those are the people who want to continue to hear from you. 75 to 100 email addresses are a good start, with the goal of adding 5 new emails per week.

Send Awesome Content: I was talking with a mortgage girlfriend the other day who said that she had been emailing agents for about a year and rarely heard a peep back from any of them.  That was until she emailed the “10 Commandments When Applying for a Loan”  and heard back from at least 30 agents.  Yes, you’ll find a ton of Realtor® articles ghost-written for you that you can steal and use as your own.

Orphaned Realtor Campaign – Loan officers are still leaving the business or moving to a different territory.  The real estate agent is on the lookout for someone new—and it might as well be you.  Laura Chelton not only allowed me to interview her on this awesome campaign, she also provided sample marketing pieces you can download and swipe.

Watch for part 2 of “Easy Ways to Connect with Realtors,” but in the meantime...

Would you share what you do to CONNECT with REALTORS?

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