Does Opportunity Scare the Heck Out of You?

Have you ever been offered an “opportunity” and turned it down because you were afraid you would not succeed?

Turned it down because you didn’t think you had the training or credentials?

Turned it down because your friends would be jealous?

It almost happened to me when I was asked to speak to 2,000 loan officers about some of my most successful mortgage marketing campaigns.

I answered that I would love to share—but it would take 3 days away from my business and asked what the compensation (speaking fee) would be.

Well, I was informed that other LO’s speak for free and I was expected to do the same.

Not me.  I negotiated a healthy speaking fee and paid expenses.

Here’s the thing.  It was not about the money.

It was about empowering other women to realize that they have SOMETHING VALUABLE TO SHARE and have earned to right to be paid for their EXPERIENCE.

It was for the women who are coming after me—so when they are presented with an “opportunity”, they are empowered and get paid what they are worth.

It could be something like increasing your commission split.  Your desire to become a branch manager or executive positions within the company.  Or speak at a mortgage company meeting.

Finally, do it for yourself and for the other women in your life—especially for your daughters—to show them how to embrace the opportunities that come their way.

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