Do you Recognize These 6 Types of People that Are Making Your Life Miserable?

Every once in a while, you clean your closet.  Discard clothes that are outdated or don’t fit any more, right?

Well, have you considering purging some of your so-called “friends” because they make your life miserable?  They drag you down?  They undermine your self-esteem?

Here are 6 types of toxic people that may be part of your life:

  1. The Energy Sucker:  They always talk about their problems. They give you their opinion about what’s wrong in this world. They are negative to the max.  This is the person that tries to drag you down with them and talking with them leaves you completely frustrated.  They may not even realize how negative they really are.
  2. The Flake:  This person cancels at the last minute. Shows up late.  Calls or visits at inopportune times.  This type of friendship can make you feel that they do not respect you or your time and they are simply bringing attention to themselves
  3. The Dangerous Friend:  This is the person who exhibits wild behaviors. Drinks too much. Takes drugs. Goes on spending sprees and asks you for money.  There is nothing wrong with fun but this person does it to the extremes. And you may feel pressured to go along with them.
  4. The Lazy One:  This the person who does not make the effort to call or visit. Or remember your birthday. Does not call or text you back.  They expect YOU to initiate the contact but don’t feel obligated to participate in the relationship.
  5. The Competitor:  While most of us are competitive in some little way, this person takes it the extreme. They boast about their income.  They have the best designer clothing and shoes. Their children are more brilliant than your children.  They don’t see you as a friend—but as a rival.
  6. The Drama Queen:  Even the smallest problem become a major crisis. They try to get EVERYONE involved in the drama.  They start rumors.  They do this because they want people to “notice” them.

Some of these people may be lifelong friends.  Or family members.  Or people that you do business with.

Consider them “acquaintances” instead of “friends” because your sanity and wellbeing depend upon healthy and fulfilling relationships.