Do You Have a “Stop Doing” List?

Do you find yourself doing things that…

  • Don’t make you money?
  • Don’t add value to your life?
  • Don’t save you time?

Most women that I know have a “To Do” list in their purse or an app for their cell phone.  But what we usually don’t have is a “Stop Doing” list, right?  Here’s a list of some of things you might want to stop doing that not only wastes time, but makes you crazy sometimes!

  1. Stop working with unmotivated buyers & real estate agents (you can bring a horse to water…)
  2. Stop listening/reading negative news or news you can’t do anything about
  3. Stop constantly checking voice mail, texts or emails (I’m guilty)
  4. Stop multi-tasking (guilty again)
  5. Stop saying “yes” to everybody (and say “no” more often)
  6. Stop doing everything yourself (and delegate to capable people)
  7. Stop working off of other people schedules (and schedule time for yourself)
  8. Stop doing other’s work (make them do it themselves)
  9. Stop making excuses  (why you can’t stop doing things)
  10. Stop jumping from one thing to another (focus, time block and prioritize)

So, what’s the one thing that you’d think you should STOP DOING? 

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