Do you feel guilty?

”I feel guilty about—leaving my office—letting someone else handle my clients—leaving my family—just getting away–having a good time—having someone else do my work.” 

But here’s what GUILT really does to you– It keeps you from taking time for yourself; from improving your business; from reflecting what you truly want to do in life.


Why should you take time for yourself? Because…

1. You deserve it – Think about what you do every day.  Every week.  I’ll bet your schedule is packed.  But you never seem to “schedule” time for yourself.

2. It will make you happier—Think about the times you have taken a few days off.  When you returned (even though you had a little more work to do), you always got caught up, didn’t you?  Getting away for your OWN enjoyment will make you (and your family) happier.

3. It can make you healthier – What does all the stress do to you day in and day out?  It’s the leading cause of heart attacks in women.   If you are happier (see #2) you are healthier.

So, let me ask you this question—

“Would you take 2 days off from work if someone offered you the chance to increase your income by $100,000 (or even $25,000)?”

If attending seminars, classes and Mortgage Girlfriend Mastermind Retreats make you feel guilty…

…get over it!

I want to be very clear that I’m not admonishing you at all.   I know you are busy.  I’ve been there with an average of 30 files in my pipeline at any given time.  I got over my “guilt” by realizing that I needed to get away to improve my business, my happiness, my health and especially, my self-confidence!

Oh, and one side benefit…your family realizes and appreciates what you do for them when you are gone for a few days.