Do You Consider Yourself Successful?

There are times when you are High-Fiving yourself.

And, there are times that you are so down in the dumps that you want to move to Sri Lanka!

Success means different things to different people, but I wanted to share some tips from an Olympic athlete on what she has done to achieve her goals and FEEL successful

  • Focus on commitment. How committed are you to reaching your goal? Your motivation to achieve will follow.
  • Seek knowledge—not results. Learn all you can along the way and use that knowledge to improve your results.
  • Make success fun. Being too serious will create emotional weight on your shoulders.
  • Get out of your comfort zone.
  • Get rid of negative thoughts. Say positive affirmations every day.
  • Don’t wait for the perfect timing. Take the first step and do something even if you are afraid.
  • Get rid of distractions. They will always be there.  Write out your list of time-wasters so you can visualize where you are spending your time.
  • Don’t rely on others. Only you can make yourself happy, and only you can achieve your goals.
  • Protect yourself from burnout. When you become super-motivated, you may find yourself getting tired or losing interest in your goal.  Take a vacation.   Do something fun. Give your body and mind a rest.