Do You Consider Yourself a Good Negotiator?

Let’s face it! 

One of the things that we do all day, every day, both in business and our personal lives, is to “negotiate” … with employers, Realtors, buyers, sellers, with underwriters and processors—and your family and friends.

Laurel Bellows, one of the top negotiating attorneys and a women’s advocacy lawyer, gave an awesome, two-hour talk (at the Mortgage Girlfriends 2015 Retreat last week in Chicago) on negotiating strategies for women—with lots of role-playing examples. 

I wanted to share her top 10 points for successful negotiations. 

1.   Prepare ahead of time by checking out at least 10 resources before you begin the process

2.   Determine if the person you will negotiate with has the authority to make a decision

3.   Set a goal as to the outcome you wish to achieve

4.   Anticipate the questions you might be asked, and practice your own questions

5.   Put your dream “ending” in writing

6.   Keep alternatives in mind in case it does not work out

7.   Anticipate the other person’s goals (see #1)

8.   Actively listen and take notes

9.   Never lose sight of your reputation

10.  Be prepared to walk away if you are not comfortable with the agreement

So, which one of these pointers would you like to know more about?