But I Can’t Afford It!

I’ve hear this statement —“I can’t afford it” and it drives me BONKERS! 

I remember when I decided to attend my first mortgage seminar.  I had 2 children.  I was making like $30,000 per year.  The expense of airfare.  The event.  Oh and don’t forget the babysitting/daycare issue that was going to cost me a ton of money. 

I about fell over at the amount of money that I was going to spend. 

And yes, I was fearful. 

Fearful that if I spent all of this money–that the event would be a total waste of time. 

However, I also knew that I had to make the conscious decision that I WAS GOING TO LEARN SOMETHNG FROM THE EVENT!  That I was going to meet some awesome people.  Connect with some of the speakers. 

So, what I decided was that I WAS GOING TO INVEST IN MYSELF! 

Education is how to build upon your continued success.  Learning how others built their businesses.  Their unique marketing strategies.  Grow their teams.  And I did not have to reinvent the wheel (only modify it to meet my needs) because someone else has already done it for me. 

What’s my point? 

There are many different ways to AFFORD educating yourself! 

When I figured out how much money the mortgage event was going to cost me, I asked my company to pay for it.  While they did not agree to pay for all of the expenses, I negotiated that they pay for half of it. 

Allocate the funds from one extra closing a month for the event.

Don’t buy those $200 pair of shoes/ purse/expensive Starbucks coffee drinks. 

Ask a family member for a small loan/contribution.   

And my final point is that you CAN afford it.

You can afford to invest in yourself.

All it takes is for you to say YES to INVESTING IN YOUSELF.