Benefits of Volunteering

Girlfriends – Enjoy the health benefits of volunteering

Studies show that volunteering helps individuals feel more socially connected, and will help reduce the feeling of loneliness and potential depression. Other studies show that physical health is also improved by lowering blood pressure and increasing your life span.

A study by Yeung, Zhang, and Kim found that volunteering led to:

– 8.54% increase in mental health
– 9.08% in physical health
– 7.35% in life satisfaction
– 11.11% in social well-being
– 4.30% decrease in depression

Why not get your clients involved in volunteering. It is a great way to stay engaged with them. You stay top of mind and will always have something to connect you and discuss with them. You can do this with being passionate about your organization.

The first step in strategically planning your community giving plan is to choose two or three planned events throughout the year that you will use for all your communications. Pick organizations or causes in which you are passionate or interested in. This will make it personal to you and more rewarding in the long run.

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