Automate Your Business With Video

Girlfriends – Being Organized means automating what you can and videos are great for that.

Are you struggling with keeping it all organized? I was talking to a few mortgage girlfriends and they shared that they are trying to stay on top of email, respond quickly to any new lead, manage the pipeline, manage the team and it can become a struggle to fit in processing.

There is a process that can really help you with this. I sincerely mean this. This is a problem that everyone has and if you can master some of this, it can be life changing.

There is a definite order in which to solve it and let me just share, it always begins with chaos.  Without chaos we would never grow. That is a big sign of growth, but the thing is you can’t stay in chaos, you have to then find order. The order will allow you to continue to grow.

Begin with taking a deep dive “into” your business.  What is taking up most of your time?

  1. Emails
  2. Problem  Files
  3. New Leads
  4. Meetings
  5. Personal Items

I like to do this in two hour increments. This is a needed task that is not done often enough.   Often we focus just on problems as they occur rather than taking a look into our business and finding ways for enhancement.

What are most of the emails you are receiving regarding?  Take some time and categorize the emails. Are there some that could go directly into a folder with a rule?  Do you need to create some new folders? Are there some personal ones that need to be unsubscribed to? Spend two hours and look for consistencies in your email and develop systems to automate, redirect and/or is there someone on your team who could manage it for you?

If there are problems with files, why? What can you do up front to avoid this?  If you are receiving conditions on a file, then you can definitely be more detailed up front.  What is your process for collecting and reviewing docs? How can you enhance it and proactively gather items? Are there some patterns with questions that seem to come up every time that you could make into a video to explain the “why” behind needing the documents and the importance  of the detail in the documents, how it may create other questions and the speed in which you need them?

If you can create some videos that would automatically deploy at certain milestones during the process would it help with efficiencies in your business?

How are you staying in front of your prospects and clients? Once you make a connection do you have a follow up system to remain in front of them. Create a campaign where you can send useful information, that keeps your name in front of the client so when they are ready, they call you. Do this with automated videos.

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