Are YOU your own true love?

Loving others begins with self-love!

Self-love begins with you loving what’s best about you and forgiving yourself for your faults and imperfections.

Women tend to pooh pooh positive feedback as “they are just being nice”.

That they just “want to get on your good side”.

We brush off compliments because we think they “can’t possibly be true”.

That you really “don’t deserve the praise”.

Then we go on to overly concentrate on the negative comments.  That what they say about you must be true.  It’s easy to believe the worst while forgetting about the best in you.

Be careful who and what you listen to.

Be sure to hear what’s most meaningful.

And that includes the stories we tell ourselves.

As for those voices at work, be open to honest feedback, but just as open to believing those who see and bring out the best in you.

Because when you surround yourself with people who bring out the best in you, you will realize that you are loved, and in turn, you will see the BEST in others, too.

Be your own first love—be your own true love – FIRST!