Are You Unknowingly Sabotaging Yourself?

Guest Blogger: Victoria Fifield, Business Coach, [email protected]

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Are you NOT getting the opportunities you feel you deserve?

Don’t know why you’re hearing “No” more than “Yes”?

Feel like there have been more roadblocks than open fast lanes lately?

YOU may be at the root of the problem.



I know you may not like to hear this, however, ultimately, we are all 100% responsible for the outcomes in our lives.

In an effort to be more introspective and to take responsibility for our actions so that we can diminish the number of “No’s,” missed opportunities and roadblocks we manifest in our lives, one must be aware of the following 7 signs of self-sabotage…

1.  Speaking frequently about what’s not working in your business life.

2.  Worrying about the future to an extent that you become paralyzed and take little to no action because you are fearful of what might happen.

3.  Forgetting about your accomplishments. Being unable to fully accept a compliment. Dismissing your true value.

4.  Comparing yourself to others.

5.  Attaining goals and then not maintaining that success.

6.  Focusing on the faults of others. Feeling others aren’t good enough or don’t measure up. Feeling there’s always something missing in the relationship (business, friendships and otherwise).

7.  Lack of purpose. Not feeling that anything in particular is guiding your actions from deep within.