Are You Insane?

I’d almost bet my first born child that someone, at some time, has said this to you!

I remember when my sister and I decided to start the first mortgage broker company in our small town –and an all women company to boot!  The competition was banks and mortgage bankers.  I remember a bank loan officer telling me that we would be bankrupt within 6 months!  Not only did we not go BK, but we became the #3 lender in the county for almost 10 years!

I remember when we sold our mortgage company in 2000 and decided to test that new-fangled thing called the Internet to provide online classes for loan originators.  On the very first class I released, over 200 LO’s attended online.  The top loan officers (who were also speakers at industry events) told me it would never work!

While my mother thought my sister and I were insane—she showed up one day with a check for $10,000 just in case we needed it!

While the mortgage industry thought I was insane—a PMI company came knocking on my door with a check for $80,000 to sponsor for the internet classes.

The point of my story is that people may try to discourage you by asking “Are you insane?”

It takes a great amount of courage.

A huge amount of faith in yourself.


And an awesome network of people willing to support you and help you succeed.

Consider Mortgage Girlfriends as your support group.  To read awesome articles about what others are doing now to get business. To view video classes. To download reports and marketing examples. And to take advantage of free coaching from our experts.

Because I have “faith” in you!

I’d love to hear from you:  What’s one thing you accomplished—when others thought it would never work?