Are You Giving Your Underwear the Credit It Deserves?

First of all, this blog is not about wearing sexy underwear.

This blog is about feeling confident–and I sincerely believe it starts with your underwear.

Consider underwear as your foundation.  It’s the foundation for the clothing you wear.  It sets the mood for your activities.

Maybe this is TOO MUCH INFORMATION for you, but I buy new underwear about every 6 months.

And I have lucky underwear for different activities.

Form-fitting underwear for when I’m speaking or training loan originators.  It makes me feel that I have it “all together” (meaning no bulges).

Workout underwear for when I hit the gym and plan a vigorous workout and want to feel the burn.

Lucky (and comfortable) underwear for when I travel.

Give underwear the credit it deserves and get rid of the old raggedy ones – because they won’t make you feel special.

In fact, old, stretched out elastic, torn underwear may make you feel, well – a little depressed and maybe unworthy.