Are People Not Listening to Your Opinions?

So, you are in a company meeting.

Talking about something important.

You share your opinion.

And nobody listens to (or dismisses) your opinion.

Have you stopped to think about WHY your opinions are not valued? 

I have to admit to you that this USED to happen to me! 

So, I would like to share several issues that hindered me from getting my opinions valued:

Not sharing an opinion at the appropriate time – Giving your opinion before hearing all the facts.  Talking about a topic that does not contribute to the problem or solution.  Bringing up topics that are not relevant to the meeting agenda.

Not being cognizant of how an opinion is being delivered – Interrupting or blurting out your comments.  Not respecting others’ opinions. Arguing. Defensive body language.

Not analyzing the goal of the meeting – Usually meetings are held with an end result in mind.  Ask what people hope to accomplish with this meeting—starting with the end in mind.

Try to filter your opinions through the acronym T.H.I.N.K.

T.  Is what you are about to say TRUE? (Check your facts.)

H.  Is it HELPFUL? (Does it contribute to the solution?)

I.  Is it INSPIRING? (Does it inspire people to think the same way you do?)

N.  Is it NECESSARY? (Do you need to comment in the first place?)

K.  Is it KIND? (Do you respect others’ opinions when you respond?)