5 Things I Want Every Mortgage Girlfriend to Know

  1. It’s hard work being a loan originator.  The lending environment will get better.
  2. Embrace your “inner weird”.  This is what makes you interesting, exciting and gorgeous to be around.  Wear what want to wear.  Don’t copy the “LO guys” out there.
  3. Find people to “adore” you.  Could be family, friends, clients, real estate agents,  co-workers.  Accept the fact that you can’t make everyone love you.
  4. Do something “exciting” once a week.  Get outside your comfort zone.  Take the road less traveled every once in a while.
  5. The woman who is the happiest…wins.   Happy people don’t give others crap.  They don’t complain (much, anyway).  They find joy in most everything they do.