25 Marketing Ideas That Will Flourish Your Business

Girlfriends, here are 25 marketing ideas that will flourish your business


Girlfriends, Here are 25 low-cost marketing ideas to incorporate into your business.

  1. Attend Bridal Shows – Host your own booth, split it with a realtor or another loan officer. If you cannot afford to pay for a booth walk around and talk to all the people that have a booth. Tell them you could not get into this one, however you were curious if it was worth their while to attend. Give them your information and collect their information. Mingle with the attendees ask them if they find it advantageous and same as above give them your information.
  2. Trade Shows – Same as above however choose a trade show that would have the same audience as your target market for your personal brand.
  3. Open Houses – You can either call a realtor and ask to sit with them and bring your computer and do on the spot preapprovals or visit 2-4 open houses every week and bring the realtor cookies or coffee and introduce yourself. Then follow up with them and get an appointment to further discuss their business.

Track and regularly evaluate your marketing tactics. Have measurements in place so you know what is most effective and what is working and what is not.  Learn something from every experience even if it is not a pleasant one. If something does not work, learn what went wrong and why, so your marketing activities can only become more effective and improve your business results year after year. Make sure you get feedback from every lost prospect.

Start, measure, adjust, and learn from your marketing plan and watch your business flourish.

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