How You Can Detox Your Business: Here are 10 ways…

Written By: David Krichmar, Core Lending. A 10+ year veteran, he has also has written for Realtor Magazine(YPN), Scotsman Guide and Houston Agent Magazine. He also teaches a MCE accredited Class for Realtors on Social Media. David lends in Texas. Email him:, Twitter: @DaveMortgageGuy.

Recently my fiancé was nice enough to introduce me to the detoxing process. As we all know, this is a process to clean your body of toxins. Don’t get me wrong, there were ups and downs, but when it was over I feel great. And I had more energy and was recharged.

This process got me thinking, can we Detox our business?

I think we can, and here are my 10 suggestions for doing it.

  1. Get Up Early: As a Loan Officer there are always a million things to do daily and never enough time. Well, what about getting up 30 minutes earlier? Can you get more done before the phone starts ringing? I know you can!

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